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Have you ever wished to get a healthy and beautiful smile with braces but could not get because length of time and cost.

You do not have to worry now because Cumulus Dental in Lismore is now giving you back your beautiful smile with Fast Braces.

Fast Braces is a new technology that is developed to improve smiles by straightening of teeth with a fast, safe and affordable treatment. It is revolutionizing the field of orthodontics now allowing both general dentists and specialists orthodontists to offer very efficient nonextraction comprehensive orthodontic treatment to their patients.



Is the Fast Braces treatment right choice for you?

Fast braces are safe, effective and efficient treatment for both children and adults. Many dentists from around the world are lining up to provide this new and innovative technology to their patients. There have been great success stories around the world since its first introduction in 1992.

Fast Braces often give fabulous results with less sensitivity in time measured in weeks or months.



What is the difference between traditional braces and Fast Braces?

Traditional braces                                                                              Fast braces

Complex treatment                                                                           Simple treatment

Take years to get treatment completed.                                      Get completed in weeks or months

Extractions often needed                                                              Almost always non extraction

Changes in natural bite                                                                   Natural bite preserved

Delayed root movement                                                                 Immediate root movement

Root resorption                                                                                 Less root resorption

Pain issues usually occur                                                               Pain reduction statistically

24/7 Retainers                                                                                  15-20 min /day retainers

How it works?

Fast Braces Technology uses high performance bracket systems which allow the movement of the roots of the teeth towards their final positions from the beginning of treatment by torquing them. It uses a unique, patented bracket design that is triangular shaped. The triangular shaped bracket allows for the use of just one wire. Fast braces Technology works keeping safety in mind and allowing the system to be fast and affordable without compromising patient care.